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Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough

Hey guys, I’ve just started a walkthrough of Silent Hill Downpour on my new youtube channel (don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe). Make sure you take a look and I… Continue reading


New article on the works! Murphy and Dexter are on! Keep around to know more updates.

Happy 1st Birthday Silent Hill: Downpour

One year ago Silent Hill: Downpour, the 8th installment on the series, was released. How would you describe the game?  

Masahiro Ito’s label/reversible jacket for Silent Hill: Downpour

This is the Japanese Reversible jacket artwork from Silent Hill: Downpour cover, done by the talented and well known Masahiro Ito. Below is the normal cover of the japanese version of the game,… Continue reading

“Why is Anne so sad and angry?”

  “Every time I looked at him, you know what I saw? I saw a monster. I saw you.” – Anne Marie Cunningham Why is Anne so sad and angry? And what exactly… Continue reading

Silent Hill: Downpour get a patch for Xbox 360

  It seems that Silent Hill: Downpour finally has a patch available to solve some well known technical issues on the game! So far I don’t know how this patch is working ,… Continue reading

Silent Hill Downpour coming to Japan

Silent Hill: Downpour finally arrives to Japan, with release set to November 8 and featuring Masahiro Ito’s cover. Konami announced they will bring Silent Hill: Downpour in Japan on November 8. While the game was… Continue reading