PYRAMID HEAD and HEATHER are arriving to Dead By Daylight!

The title says it all. Dead by the Daylight, the game which allows you to play as either the survivor or the killer, and which is know by reviving well known characters and enemies from classic movies and tv-series (such as Stranger Things or Michael Meyers from Halloween), comes back on it’s 16th chapter and…


The title says it all, the french director Christophe Gans, who directed the first movie on the Silent Hill series (back in 2006 – wow, 14 years ago), starring Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell and Jodelle Ferland, has confirmed that he’s currently working on the third movie.

TWO new Silent Hill games allegedly on the works

Rumors keep raining (like this one) and the latest tells us that Konami is allegedly developing two new Silent Hill games. Yeah, you read it right… Not one but TWO new titles on the series. Is this for real? Check it out!

Will 2020 be the year of Silent Hill?

I still remember when, back in 2012, we had like 4 Silent Hill major releases: Silent Hill HD Collection (which ended up being a whole chaotic mess), Downpour, a brand new and promising take on the series. The strange “Book of Memories” for PS Vita and finally but not least, Revelation 3D, the second, and…