Drowned in controversy – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn talks

Silent Hill HD Collection is drowned in controversy, specially about the new Voices. Silent Haven talked to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ( Singer on the soundtracks for the franchise and now Director of the new Voice performances for this HD Collection ). See what she had to say…

I spoke to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who is best known for her singing performances on the soundtracks for the franchise. Most recently though, she Directed the new voice overs for the Silent Hill HD Collection as well as voice acted for Mary and Maria in Silent Hill 2 of the HD collection. I asked her about the process on the collection and her thoughts on the turn out of the voices. She also gave some insight on the current controversy with Guy Cihi (original voice actor for James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2). Here is what she had to say:

– “I’m in New Orleans for the weekend so I’ll have to be brief. I stand behind and am very proud of the work we did for the re-releases of Silent Hill 2 & 3. I was approached by Konami to re dub the original Silent Hill versions of 2 & 3. I was told that they would not be using the original voices due to an unfounded demand for royalties by the original actors, specifically the actor who played James. There are no royalties for game voice over actors, as stipulated by and negotiated for in the contracts. Games are a buy out situation. That’s just the way it is. We couldn’t change the script at all so we were constrained by the pacing of the original performances. But I think we brought a sense of naturalism to the updated version. I was proud to be a part of this revision and although I know there will be much resistance to the new voices, I hope the fans will, over time, be able to appreciate both versions of this iconic game series. after recording the voices we gave the product to Konami. What they do with them now is up to them. I love Silent Hill and am honored to have worked on it for all these years. I hope that love shows in the final product.” –

Source: Silent Haven


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    1. harsh
      i support the new voice changes why? guy chi…(whatever) is a duchebag all he wants is money and he doesnt give a shit about silent hill or this wouldnt be a big deal to him and we would have the origanal voices.

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