Silent Hill 3 HD Screenshots were finally released BUT…

… there’s something wrong, and you’ll see what’s wrong with these images.
                       Poor Heather…

Silent Hill Experienced recently posted an observation to the new SH3 HD Screenshots… they look weird and make us thing what the hell is Konami planing. Why release this kind of image?!  Probably Happy Burger’s service will get better in the final version…

Take a look:

up: Silent Hill 3 HD
down: Silent Hill 3 Original


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andres Meza says:

    Ummm…which screen shot is the original silent hill 3 and which one is the HD? If the bottom pic is the HD then whats wrong? It looks great.

    1. southvale says:

      The bottom pic is from Silent Hill 3 HD (hope it’s not the definitve version!)

  2. merzitar says:

    No, the bottom one is the original. The top one is from Silent Hill HD Collection. The window is missing and you can see the outside as four walls with an outdoor texture on them… I say that it’s unfinished and they mostly want to show off the new textures of Heather or whatever.

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