Silent Hill HD Collection European cover revealed?

Weeks ago, Silent Hill HD Collection U.S Cover was finally released, featuring Maria in a very elegant design that convinced most of the fans. However  recently shown the European cover for the same HD Collection. It is completly different, only featuring a simple logo in a black background. If it’s the definitive one, we don’t know, but we hope that it isn’t, Europe was probably expecting something quite different from what we can see…

* XBOX 360 version isn’t available yet


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Silent Haven says:

    Might not be the official cover not exactly confirmed. Looks more like Amazons temporary cover.

  2. merzitar says:

    Yes, this isn’t the official art. Zavvi has had this image long before the US version was announced.

  3. Daniel says:

    Who cares about the cover…. It’s not like we buy it for the cover

  4. merzitar says:

    No, we don’t buy it for the cover, but it’s always a nice bonus to have a nice cover. Also, it’s a good idea to have something nice and eye catching, as it will increase sales. If it’s just a boring ol’ case, then it won’t attract as many people to it. You want something which will draw the attention away from other games.

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