Lilian Shepherd what have you been doing?


With Silent Hill: Downpour coming I decided to play Homecoming again. We all know that it’s not like the previous titles but still it’s a good game. It’s almost like a Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 mixed. Alex is James, Joshua is Mary/Cheryl, Elle is Maria, Deputy Wheeler is Cybill, Judge Holloway is Claudia, and Alex’s parents are only there so our protagonist can see them dead. However we all noticed that it’s more SH 2 then all the rest.


It’s curious how the game ends in the exactly same way: The protagonist, after crossing thousands of miles killing thousands of weird creatures and after listen to crazy people just to find the person he is looking for, miraculously remembers that all that HARD work was in vein, because he actually killed that same person… James had many excuses and we apreciated it, but Alex… looks like he watched the Silent Hill Movie after playing Silent Hill 2 and decided to imitate James. But we must not forget many good things that we can experience in Homecoming. The story itself is pretty good (when it doesn’t quote Silent Hill 2) and the characters are pretty mysterious at the beggining.  In this re-play I made, I noticed a new thing I never noticed before, and I’m talking about Lilian Shepherd, Alex Mother.
Her voice is very calm, and clearly express her mood, almost catatonic. She barely talked when we first met her and she kept her few words, until the truth started coming out of the grave. The few words I heard were enough to recognize her voice on the Mysterious Lady behind the Grand  Hotel’s door.

” As Alex Shepherd explores the interior of the Grand Hotel, he encounters a woman who has locked herself in Room 301. She holds a key Alex requires to continue his search for his brother Joshua. She doesn’t introduce herself to Alex, but enlists his help for locating what she calls her memories of the past. These memories are actually three postcards from various locations found around Silent Hill that were most likely important places to her once upon a time.

Once Alex returns all three postcards to her, the Lady In Room 301 will leave behind a key. ”

Source: Silent Hill Wiki

The Lady might be related to Alex in some way. She asked him to find her memories of the past (Post cards) that represent Alex’s journey. The Alchemilla Hospital represents the place where he had the nightmare. Toluca Lake was the place where he acidentally killed his brother, and the Lakeside Amusement Park represents Robbie, Joshua’s toy. Is she Lilian? Or she’s simply a mysterious  lady that wanted to give work to Alex in order to add some minutes on the gameplay? Or maybe just a manifestation of Alex mind? We also must add the fact that the lady was singing a lullaby that we could hear in the corridor, in a maternal tone.

If it was Lilian… what was she doing in a hotel room in Silent Hill? Sounds Suspicious…

I’d like to hear your theory as well!


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