Silent Hill Downpour trailer wasn’t new at all

After seeing a ”new” trailer posted on GameStop Canada channel on youtube, we thought that it was actually a ”new” trailer, but Konami says no, and thank God it isn’t a new trailer!

Konami Marketing, for a minute there I thought you an I would of had to have a discussion on the proper way to create good buzz for an upcoming game. A “new” Downpour trailer was uploaded to youtube by GameStop Canada today which would usually be which would usually be a good thing since we love new trailers but this one was very disappointing.

Turns out that this wasn’t “meant for public eyes and was made over a year ago,” according to Konami. This is a big relief because there was clearly footage from older game builds being used in this sucker. The Void monster was still in it’s “smoke monster” place holder and a clearly a less detailed Murphy is seen at the 39 sec mark especially when compared to more recent game play footage from Comic Con 2011 (1 min mark):

Trailers usually don’t have developer notes in them either…”LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT” “Default Speed” it really doesn’t scream polished nor worthy of a trailer.

Well other than that I did like the music and Mr. Monocle was…interesting? I assume that’s a boss (hopefully not the final one…). Hopefully the TGS 2011 will bring us a new legit Downpour Trailer to pick apart though!

Source: Silent Hill Experienced 



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