Silent Hill HD Collection European cover revealed [UPDATED]

Few months ago Silent Hill HD Collection U.S cover version was revealed showing an interesting design featuring Maria from Silent Hill 2 in a very elegant layout, now it’s time to see what european fans and players will be able to wait for.

Amazon recently revealed the European cover version of the same game, that still features same Maria’s image as well as small covers of Silent Hill 2 and 3 (europe) just like it happens in the American one. The biggest difference is the main logo as well as Maria’s position in the middle of the cover, while the rest seems to work well. However notice that these changes seem to be present only on the PS3 version. As you can see below, Xbox 360 version (revealed by Zavvi) is much more similar to the U.S one, actually only the small european covers of SH 2 Inner Fears and Silent Hill 3 are different.


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