Featured Monster: ‘Hammer Man’

‘Hammer Man’ is the unofficial name of one of Silent Hill Downpour’s bosses. A tall  maniac in a hooded coat, a gas mask and a giant Hammer, highly resembling ‘The Order Soldiers’.

This creature was presented in the early trailers and more recently on TGS 2011 trailer. It has  supernatural strength as it is seen easily lifting Murphy off his feet and then throwing him against the wall with great force. This creature might have a role similar to the one Pyramid Head had with James – Punish the protagonist for his acts.

The Hammer Man could symbolize the judge that sentenced Murphy to prison. Judging from the ease in which the Hammer Man wields his sledgehammer, it could symbolize either how much evidence was stacked against Murphy in court or how easily the jury found a verdict.

Source: Silent Hill Wiki

The way he attacks is obvious, he uses his sledgehammer to hurt the opponent, just like Pyramid Head uses his Great Knife. Another similarity with the attacks is the fact that this ‘Hammer guy’ can also lift the character and do whatever he wants with his supernatural strength.

In the Tokyo Game Show 2011 trailer the Hammer Man can be seen violently shaking or choking a small child. This could intersect the speculation that Murphy was sent to jail for the murder/rape of a child, thus making the Hammer Man not only a reminder of the judges who condemned him, but a manifestation of Murphy’s guilt instead, just as Pyramid Head was to James Sunderland.

Source: Silent Hill Wiki



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  1. this guy is at Halloween Horror Nights. : O No one could figure out who he was. But he chases people across the park, so run if you can run fast. Cuz he’s really fast.

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