“The Silent Hill franchise could spin off into different genres”

Tom Hulett, producer of Silent Hill: Downpour, has recently said, to BeefJack, that there’s room to explore new ideas, meaning that it’s possible to take the Silent Hill franchise in a new direction.

Speaking to BeefJack about potential new directions, Hulett pointed to the upcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories on PS Vita, which alters the player’s point of view and adds RPG elements. There could be the opportunity to try even more new directions, he said.

“I definitely think Silent Hill has room to expand into different spinoff genres – as Resident Evil has as well – as long as they keep the fundamental themes of the series intact,” he explained.

There were, of course, early rumours that Downpour would be a first-person shooter – and since it was revealed otherwise, there have been suggestions of last-minute design plan changes at developer Vatra Games. But Hulett took the opportunity to deny these rumours.

“Downpour was never going to be an FPS,” he said. “That was just the result of some overzealous fans reading too much into a posting on Vatra’s website.”