New Silent Hill: Book of Memories Images

IGN recently posted new images of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and in these new images we are able to recognize some of the monsters as well as one character that will make part of Silent Hill Downpour: Howard!

So far the monsters that you’ll be encountering in Silent Hill: Book of Shadows are: The Butcher (Origins), a Lying figure(?-SH2)), Valtiel, Silent Hill 3 Nurses and dogs, The cancer (SH3),Homecoming Nurses, Some kind of bat that resembles the same creature on SH1, Schisms from SH:Homecoming, more nurses (this time from SH2) and Needlers (SH:Homecoming)

Source: IGN


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  1. this is not silent hill and looks horrible. silent hill is not top down its 3rd person scares. Yet again, another non scary silent hill. Stop hiring horrible developers konami. Bring back team silent.

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