Silent Hill Revelation 3D Characters + Douglas Cartland

Most of Silent Hill: Revelation characters has already been revealed, but reecently, Michael J. Bassett refered the existence of another character: Douglas Cartland that will be portraited by Martin Donovan.

Let’s see who is who in Silent Hill!

Rose Da Silva (Radha Mitchell) + Christopher Da Silva (Sean Bean) – are supposed to be Harry Mason. Rose in the 1st Movie and Chris in the 2nd.

The Lead actress, Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) will be the character with the same name.

Deborah Unger Kara will also return in the role of Dahlia Gillespie, Alessa’s mother just like it happened in the 1st game

Vincent will be portraited by Kit Harington, looking alot different from what we experienced in the 3rd game.

Anothe character that seems to be very important in the plot is the one portraited by Malcolm McDowel – Leonard Wolf.

If the movie will be based on the 3rd game, it had to have Claudia Wolf! Carrie Anne Moss will be the one who’ll portrait the antagonist.

Another character that I decided to list was Suki (Heather Marks) whose role is still unknown.

Finally but not least is Douglas Cartland who was announced recently, as I refered, will be played by Martin Donovan


Check out Michael’s post on this blog.

Suddenly there seem to be lots of people interested to know if the Douglas Cartland character appears in SH2.  The answer is yes and he’s played by the fantastic character actor, Martin Donovan.

EDIT-  What’s weird is that people seem to think this has been kept a secret for these past months.  It really hasn’t.  It’s just information that never made it out into the public forums.  I’m surprised someone hasn’t figured it out already.  Hell, people were sneaking onto the set. Taking pictures. Even stealing props.  I assumed someone would have got a call sheet and seen his name.  It never happened.  I figured I’d share it now because there’s just been a little uptick in people asking this question.

Source:Michael J. Bassett blog


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