Featured: Dead Frontier

I’ve recently discovered a MMORPG whose name is Dead Frontier and it really called my attention because of its resemblances to the upcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

The game is quite nice to play, you can choose your character, as well as how he looks and his occupation. After that you get inside a town that has been infested by zombies. The main goal is survive, and in order to suceed that task you’ll be able to collect and buy different weapons, guns, knifes, pipes, axes and everything that can help you to combat the enemies. Once in a while you’ll get missions that you must complete to get rewards, like money etc… Money is a very important thing in the game as it allows you to buy food, weapons and ammo. One of the best parts of this game is its gameplay. The action takes place in an abandoned town full of monsters, and you’ll have to deal with the atmospheric changes, like rain and fog, when you find fog, you’ll really feel that you are in Silent Hill! Team up with other players and try to survive and fight the hordes of zombies.