Updates about Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Michael J. Bassett recently posted on his blog news about Silent Hill: Revelation, that is now on the final phase of post production. In the meanwhile, he also states that trailer is in process!

Once again, just dropping in to give you a swift status update.   Still in Toronto moving onto the final phase of post production.  The FX shots are coming in thick and fast, so each day there’s something new to review and comment on. There’s some terrific stuff and one new monster that looks just fantastic.  Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

The sound design team haven’t yet completed a full pass at the film but each day I can see so many layers of new sounds being added. I know that when it comes to the final mix there’s going to be lots to play with.  Same goes for music.  Early days on this one so I’m only hearing the very basic ideas that have yet to be fully developed.  This last week has been involved with ADR or looping as it’s sometimes called (depends where you’re from).  It’s basically bringing actors back into the sound studio to re-record dialogue that isn’t useable for one reason of another.  I’ve had Rhada, Malcolm, Deborah, Kit, Adelaide and Sean these past few weeks.  Sometimes it’s a good opportunity to change the nuance of a performance or even to add entirely new lines.  Some actors really like doing this but many hate the process and I can understand why.  It’s very hard to re-create that moment of a performance in the sterile world of a sound booth. Still, if you’re a modern film actor, it’s an essential skill and it has to be done well.  This coming week I’m doing ‘crowd’ sessions and ‘monster’ sessions  – and you can figure out what they’re going to be yourselves.

Lots of comments and questions about release dates and trailers.   Once again, I’ll just repeat here – it is NOTHING to do with me.  I’m not a producer on this movie.  My job is to deliver a finished film to the producers and they’ll decide when they want to release it and what form the promotion will take.  I know the trailer is in process and I’ve seen a few different cuts so far but nothing that seems to capture the film properly.    I asked one of the producers about when they wanted a trailer to surface and the reply was very simple – they don’t have a full strategy in place yet.  Remember that the trailer isn’t going to be just for the Silent Hill fans  – you guys are already going to go and see the movie. The trailer and marketing have to get all the people who have no idea what Silent Hill is to go and see the film.   This is what the producers and distributors are thinking about now.  I get to listen in and have an opinion but really, I’m not sure how much it counts.

Good news for my talented young friend Kit Harington who has been cast as King Arthur in the huge Warner Brothers pic, Arthur and Lancelot.  Kit told me he had been waiting to hear about this for a few weeks and I’m truly delighted for him.  He’s a terrific young actor and a great guy.  With yet another Arthur movie heading our way it puts another nail in the coffin of my long-held desires – I’d always wanted to make a true dark ages Arthur story filled with blood and magic, based around the Welsh stories from the ‘Mabinogion’ but I can’t see that ever happening.  Not sure what the tone of this new one is going to be but anything that gives Kit greater opportunities is fine by me.

And last but really not least; there is SOLOMON KANE in America news coming….  I can’t jump the gun because I have no details but I am assured that there is finally a future for Kane in the New World.  And I have every reason to believe it is valid and true.  As soon as I can share, believe me, I will.

Source: Michael J. Bassett’s blog


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