Silent Hill 3 won’t keep the original voices

Lately, appeared thousands of iniciatives to track Heather Morris, voice actress of Heather Mason (SH3) however, it seems that it doesn’t matter if Konami finds a way to contact Heather, the future of Silent Hill 3 on this HD Collection is to get the new voices. Sad news to the fans that won’t experience this 3rd title with the Original cast.
Guy Cihi said some words about this fact:
I regret to say it, but even if Heather turns up tomorrow, at this point I think it is too late for SH3. Tomm’s official announcement made that clear (at least to me). He gave two reasons for not having the original voices in SH3: logistical, and technical.The logistical reason has to do with issuing master discs to the duplicator/packager so that they can physically duplicate, package produce and deliver the games in time to for a January 2012 distribution. These discs must be shipped by ocean container, otherwise the costs would be too high. Publishers routinely allow six weeks for ocean shipping from port to port. After clearing customs, most likely in L.A., it requires another two to three weeks for distribution to the various retailer outlets across the USA.

I believe the technical reason is that integrating the two-voices option would take time to re-program. According to what Tomm told me, the original masters were encoded without accurate notes. That means a spaghetti-like mess of somebody else’s code would need to be sorted through before any new options could be added.

With enough time, these problems could be sorted out. Unfortunately, there isn’t any more time.

I feel bad for the fans of SH3.

Source: Guy Cihi

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