My thoughts on the upcoming Silent Hill games

2012 seems to be the Silent Hill year. What’s better for a fan than have three/four games being released plus the so desired movie sequel? I must say that I’m specially looking forward to get my hands on the HD Collection that will bring us Silent Hill 2 and 3 back with remastered graphics plus new voice cast.  It’s okay that I already played these two games (multiple times as well) but as fan, having the chance to experience them again, this time with better visuals and brand new voices will bring a whole new feeling that I must get!

I’m also extremely excited with Silent Hill: Downpour, the 8th game of the series. I really believe that Vatra did a great job and it will be probably bring a lot to the franchise, not only because of the innovations added on the gameplay generally but also because of the story that promises to be very rich and interesting, at least it’s what I think.

In the meanwhile we’ll have Silent Hill: Book of Memories, this new entry on the franchise was a sudden surprise because it seems to break with all we’ve been used to. This new game will feature the style of an RPG as well as it will also feature creatures that we’ve seen before in the previous games. This might bring something familiar with the game but it’s still a lot different from all the other games, which is the main goal. I guess it might work well, through the screenshots the scenarios seem to be pretty well designed and it will probably be very entertaining – which is great! It’s just sad that it will be a Playstation Vita exclusive, I’d be more than happy to see it available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Finally but not least I’m moving forward to Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, the new Silent Hill film directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane) that will count with Adelaide Clemens in the leading – as Heather Mason, therefore it’s obvious that  it will tell the story of the 3rd game which is very interesting and will work fine as the 1st film’s sequel. Unfortunately there’s no official release date yet nor a Teaser or Trailer, but this one might be the Silent Hill release that I’m more excited to see out of the fog.

Now… what about you?


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the upcoming Silent Hill games

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  1. My thoughts are almost same with you.The only SH game I refuse to play is Book of Memories.BoM is not evolve franchise.P.S: evolve doen’t mean to change direction.Evolve is mean to uptodate from same genre.Any of you agree with my opinion?

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