Featured: Silent Hill on Second Life

I’ve recently tried Second Life again and I couldn’t miss the oportunity to take this snapshot and share it.

First it’s important to refere that Second Life is an online 3D world where you can create your character and interact with thousands of people and objects. Second Life is also the home for many artists, as it allows you to share your works and also allows you to create ANYTHING, from houses to furniture, your imagination is your limit.

So, once I’ve explained what Second Life is, I can now share what I was talking about, in-World there’s a Robbie avatar available for purchase and it’s very nice, totally looks like the original one, this one is free (if I’m not mistaken) however, paying some more Lindens (Second Life money that you can earn while playing) you can have acess to other outfits and avatars, such as the Pyramid Head and Nurses. You can also find other kind of stuff, like locations such as a prison that highly resembles the original Toluca Prison from Silent Hill 2, this one designed by me. Check it out:




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