Silent Hill Revelation Update

Check out the latest update by Michael J. Bassett, about Silent Hill Revelation

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks as some new projects slowly take their first baby steps into maybe becoming something more than just an idea. Most will falter but I hope one or two will see the light of day. Patience is a virtue in this business. Patience and relentless determination and blind faith that, in spite of preposterous odds, something will happen. I became involved in a new project this week – something that I’d thought had gone away but through strange serendipity came my way again. It’s a very exciting, very action packed story. Not horror at all. It has all the intensity I look for as well as powerful characters and a vivid true story. I’m excited about this one. Silent Hill post production is ticking along nicely. The dialogue pre-mix began this past week, the digital grade also started up but this first week has simply been about balancing the right eye and left eye of the stereo image to make sure they match. I’m hearing the very first musical ideas and still watching FX shots come in daily. I’m very much in a supervisory capacity at the moment as everyone else is doing their job and all I can do is ask for revisions or changes as they go. As there’s no release weekend on the cards just yet no one is rushing. I know that the producers are actively discussing when would be a good date and they spend a lot of time looking at calendars and seeing what other movies are released when. It’s a bit of an art trying to find the right timing by all accounts. The wrong weekend or going up against a movie (or even big game release) that takes away a potential audience or will cost a huge amount to compete against can kill the movie. History is littered with films that died because of bad release dates. Obviously I want them to find the best date but neither do I want them to wait forever. I’m really just an observer in these matters because I’m not a producer and don’t have the millions of dollars on the line that they do. A decision seems to imminent but even when there is one, I’m not going to be able to tell you guys. It’s all very secretive, for some reason. It’s the same with Solomon Kane – I have news which is very exciting but can’t say a thing yet.

Source: Michael J. Bessett’s blog


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