Michael J. Bassett’s “clarification”

The misunderstanding of a post by Michael J. Bassett on his blog, originated the chaos around the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation, and made the Director post a clarification about what he meant to say on that previous post. Many people understood that he was refering SH:Revelation as an action movie and not as an horror movie, however, Michael J. Bassett was talking about a new project, and not about Revelation. Confused? See the clarification:


….this is a clarification and a request that people actually read what I write and not read what they want to read.

Of course Silent Hill is horror – pure, dark, intense visceral, psychological and character driven horror.  That’s what the games are, that’s what I’m trying to deliver with this movie.  No ifs, no buts.  If it succeeds or not, that’s for the audience to decide but jeez, how could you even THINK it was an action movie?  What is this, Resident Evil?  I know everyone wants a poster, a trailer and release date and I’m here to tell you, I want those things too.  I’ve explained that this entirely for the producers and distributors to decide.  Don’t ask me.  I have no control.  All I’m doing now is grading the movie, supervising the visual effects, helping design the sound, working with the composers and trying to make it all as good as it can be.  Everything else is marketing.  I’m a film maker.


Source: Michael J. Bassett’s blog


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