My thoughts on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Since 2007 (year when the first movie was released, here in Portugal) that I was expecting to see a sequel to the first movie, or at least an announcement. Well it actually came but almost five years later, where it was announced that Roger Avary would be writting the script for Silent Hill 2 as well. However, it didn’t happen, specially because Roger went to jail and therefore couldn’t write the script, and after this we hadn’t any confirmation of what was happening to the movie, until it was finally confirmed that Michael J. Bassett would be the writer and director ofthe upcoming movie that would be called: “Silent Hill: Revelation” with the 3D attached.

Finally we had the confirmation that the sequel was really happening, and soon more details came. Including the schedule to the shooting and a bit more about the story, as well as the actors. I was confirmed that Revelation would be based on the 3rd game, allowing to create a direct sequel to the first movie which was inspired by the 1st game of the series. One of the things that I found more interesting in all this pre-production phase, was the fact that Michael J. Bassett (the director) kept all the fans aware of the updates, and he announced in first hand, that who’d be playing Heather Mason, was the young actress Adelaide Clemens. Actually Bassett still updates his blog with important news about the film and its progress, which is amazing.

After these “revelations”, I’ve been able to follow the schedule of the shooting as well as the shooting itself, thanks to many fans who started posting photos of the sets, including photos of the characters. But soon the production phase ended and “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” was now in post-production, and it still is, so no more relevant news have been confirmed or released.

Actually one of the things that bothers me, is the fact that producers didn’t release a trailer yet, or at least they could release a teaser to promote the movie before it is released. I don’t think that the best strategy is to release all the promotional stuff in the day before the release… Silent Hill movie will be directed to a very specific public, so of course that as a fan I’d go and see it in the release, even if I didn’t see the trailer, however all the rest of the public won’t be aware of the film and therefore it might won’t be profitable for the box office. In my opinion, the best strategy was to start with promotion the fastest they can, so people who isn’t aware of what Silent Hill is, have enough time to do such.

Anyway, this lack of promotional material, won’t make me less excited about the release, because I really expect that this second film will be better than the first one, at least I expect that it will get the game’s atmosphere into the big screen in a better way. I’m also extremmly curious to see how Michael J. Bassett continued the story of Rose, and I’m also looking forward to see Adelaide Clemens’ performance as Heather Mason, the main character of Silent Hill 3 and one of the most loved characters of the series.


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