2011 – TOP Silent Hill Moments


We all know that 2012 promises to be very generous when we talk about Silent Hill! I actually like to call it ” The Silent Hill Year”, not only because three new games will be released but also because the first movie’s sequel is coming to the big screen soon as well in 2012… BUT… we cannot forget that 2011 was the year of great announcements, controversy and much more stuff that made us fans jump with happiness!  So, it makes sense to create a list of the TOP Silent Hill moments of this last year:

  •  It was finally announced who’d be playing the role of Heather Mason on the upcoming Silent Hill movie (Revelation 3D). It was announced by the director Michael J. Bassett that it was the young australian actress ” Adelaide Clemens” who was going to portrait Silent Hill 3’s protagonist. After that, everything was ready to start shooting the sequel that finally saw the green light. During the following months of shooting, new updates arrived, frequently reported both by the director himself (through his blog) and fans who actually took some photos of the set and characters.
  • Silent Hill Downpour was announced in 2010 but the game that is being developed by Konami in association with Vatra, only got a real shape on 2011’s E3, where we could see a bit more than screenshots and we could finally watch some parts of the gameplay better than we were able to see in previous trailers. Downpour was planned to be released in October/November. In the meanwhile, Konami also announced the release of MGS HD Collection alongside Silent Hill HD Collection and a brand new game called ” Silent Hill:Book of Memories” that would be only available to Playstation Vita. The real surprise was Silent Hill HD Collection that would have both Silent Hill 2 and 3 with improved graphics and voices.
  • New things about Silent Hill Downpour kept being released as well as its delay until March 2012, however, what really marked the following months after Konami’s announcements was the fact that Silent Hill HD Collection was going to be released as a Playstation exclusive, and Xbox 360 fans had to took a position. Konami actually heard them and finally stated that this HD Collection was also being released on the Microsoft console. However, things didn’t end here… A video containing a sample of the new voices in Silent Hill 2, was released and in a overall opinion, fans didn’t like it at all, and quickly, a new controversy was created and the original voice actors (specially Guy Cihi and Monica Taylor Horgan) took a position alongside with fans who embraced the cause and tried (at any cost) to keep the original voices in Silent Hill 2 HD.
  •  Getting back to Silent Hill Revelation 3D, the shooting was sucessfully finished and it was time to start the post-production. However, we never got a teaser, a trailer or a single poster. The release date seemed to be far away as the only clue left was the fact that it would come to the big screen in 2012. Anyway, thousands of set photos were taken by fans, as well as shooting informations and respective locations – things that helped us to be even more updated and know a bit more behind what we could expect from the movie.
  • In the meanwhile, Silent Hill Downpour finally recieved a new trailer, but this time a special one that features Korn’s theme. This release came to end with the controversy around the participation of the band in the Silent Hill series.   
  •  Some months were needed until we had a confirmation that Silent Hill 2 was actually keeping the original cast as well as it would contain an option that would allow players to choose between the new and old voices in the game. However this only happened to Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 3 didn’t recieved this option as it will only contain the new voices.
  •  Silent Hill: Book of Memories never actually caught fans’ attention. Many considered it a simple spin-off that didn’t even looked like a Silent Hill game. However all the information released in the past months allowed us to understand that it might be a great way to get a larger range of players inside Silent Hill, something that is always very welcome.

Did I miss something? Share your thoughts and tell us which were the best TOP Silent Hill Moments of 2011!




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