Thoughts on Silent Hill Downpour pre-order bonuses

With the release date of Silent Hill Downpour getting closer and closer, we start hearing more about the Pre-Order Bonuses for the game, and so far I’m a bit disappointed. It’s okay that I didn’t pre-order Downpour yet, but so far the offers don’t seem to be good enough to make me do it, specially because I’m still waiting for bonuses for the european pre-order. Don’t know if Europe will get one, but if it does, I hope it is slightly better than what we know so far.

Getting in-game items could be nice but I don’t think that it fits Downpour, what’s the big deal of getting weapons if they are all breakable? The new inventory system that vatra implanted on Silent Hill Downpour makes these offers a bit irrelevant, the weapons can be extra powerfull but they will break someday, plus, you cannot hold so many weapons as before, so it might mean that you’d need to drop your “special weapon” in order to try other. The double axe seems pretty interesting but a baseball bat is quite strange to see as bonus.

Of course that all these extras are better than nothing but still they are almost nothing…

In the other hand, Mexico’s pre-order bonus is quite interesting, it’s nothing more than a mug and a flashlight with a Silent Hill Downpour logo. I also think that a shotgun or rifle is included alongside with a golf club.

What do you think about all these bonuses?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Silent Hill Downpour pre-order bonuses

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  1. I didn’t expect Konami to have pre-order bonuses at all for Downpour as the advertising campaign up until January when all these playthroughs started coming out was almost nonexistent, I doubt most casual gamers had even heard about the game until the Korn controversy as most didn’t hear about the HD Collection until the voice acting controversy and casual gamers are to game companies what independent voters are to politicians, at the end of the day you need them if you really want to win.

  2. Well, I think they’re crap. I only preordered from amazon for the $10 amazon credit, so I can use that sometime in the future. $10 is more useful to me than a breakable weapon.

    As for advertising, well, Mexico and Australia got good stuff, why not in other places? At least a crummy poster would be cooler…

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