Details about Silent Hill Downpour soundtrack!

Milan Records has announced a soundtrack release for the video game Silent Hill: Downpour. The album includes the original score from the game composed by Daniel Licht who is best known for scoring all episodes of the Showtime hit series Dexter. The soundtrack also includes the game’s theme Silent Hill by Jonathan Davis, front-man of the nu metal band Korn. The album will be released on March 13, 2012 and is now available on Amazon. Silent Hill: Downpour is the eight installment in Silent Hill series and follows Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who is stranded in the town of Silent Hill after the prison transport vehicle he is being transported with careens off a road. The Konami Digital Entertainment game will be released on March 13, 2012, for Playstation Network and Xbox 360.

Check out the track list…

1. Silent Hill – by Jonathan Davis
Score by Daniel Licht:
2. Intro Perp Walk
3. In The Ravine
4. Bus To Nowhere
5. Meet JP
6. Stalking For Dinner
7. Don’t Go in the Basement
8. Railcar Ride
9. Downpour Intro
10. Jump Monster
11. Monastic Tendencies
12. Clowning Around With Monsters
13. Welcome to Devil’s Pit
14. Basement Fight
15. Cablehouse Blues
16. Town Rain
17. The Caverns
18. Monastery Otherworld
19. The Downpour


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