Silent Hill Downpour released track and thoughts

Click HERE to hear the latest Silent Hill Downpour track released!

Since I started listening to Silent Hill music, Akira Yamaoka became one of my favourite artist alongside Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Their work in Silent Hill is so unique that, when Akira decided to leave Konami, I was a bit worried about it. At first I didn’t know what to expect but soon I realized that the newcomer Daniel Licht, specially know for composing for Dexter, could handle the situation, however I didn’t imagine that he would that so well. The new Downpour track released just came to make my opinion stronger, I really liked what I heard and I can’t wait to get my hands, not only on the game but also on the soundtrack, specially because I’m very curious to hear Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s tracks as well! I believe Daniel is Akira’s perfect substitute in Silent Hill but of course that his work will remain as it is, great and unique music that marked the whole series. It great to be able to hear two fantastic artists .


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