Hear samples from Silent Hill Downpour in Amazon.com

Curious to hear the soundtrack for the upcoming Silent Hill Downpour? You can now hear the 30 seconds samples through Amazon.com that has them available to public! This way you can know what’s coming and what to expect.

So far they look pretty good, Daniel Licht did a great job on the soundtrack as every single song seems to be full of expression and will probably succeed to add more atmosphere to the whole game! However I was really expecting to hear something from Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, it doesn’t seem to make part of the list of songs available so far, but as they are samples I have hope that she’ll be present in one of them (at least), as it was previously confirmed.

One of the songs that impressed me the most was Don’t Go In The Basement, only because of it’s resemblances with some of the tracks from Silent Hill 2 OST by Akira Yamaoka. The rest are great as well!


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