Silent Hill Downpour going strong in Mexico!

Mexico is making up for America’s failure to deliver Silent Hill fans with a great experience with the release of Silent Hill: Downpour. I was passed this link by my good friend, Feri-san, as well as a completed translation by here. It’s fantastic that Mexico is catering to the fans and making the 13th worth while!

” No problem Wulfy! Translation goes as follows:

“Welcome to Silent Hill. Silent Hill Downpour

Do you have what it takes to survive a night in the most infamous town in the world? Preorder Silent Hill Downpour and find out what you are made of! Gameplanet and Konami have 20 passes for a showing of the Silent Hill movie in the Coyote Autocinema this tuesday March 13th! Take part of it!


Like our FB/Twitter

-Preorder Silent Hill Downpour for Xbox360 or PS3 on any Gameplanet store or our online shop and keep your preorder ticket. The orders placed at the beginning of the preorder period also count. -Send an email to preventas@gamep with your full name, preorder code, screenshots that prove you’ve liked our Twitter and FB page and the answers to the following Trivia!


-Name of the SH: Downpour OST composer. -Name of the most famous lake in Silent Hill -Name of the real town Silent Hill was based on.

The first 20 to send the email with all the requirements and the correct answers will receive an email with the instructions on hos to claim your pass. -Each pass includes entry for one car and two combo orders of popcorn and pop. -Deadline is March 9th at 2 pm.

Then there’s a second contest thing for another one of the games I think? here it goeS:

“Be one of Silent Hill’s scariest things and win a PSvita with Silent Hill Book of Memories! Just dress up as any character of the Silent Hill series to take part in the contest! ((I believe you have the chance on winning a PS Vita))


In addition to these contests and moving showing, fans who preorder Downpour at Game Planet will receive two DLC weapons AND a Downpour themed flashlight USB with related content inside. Thanks to Feri’s help, I will be nabbing all three!

I am so happy that the series is getting so much love, even if it is in Mexico!

Source: [Yowulf]


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