Inner Fear challenge’s YOU! – Share your Silent Hill Downpour first experience!

This is the first Inner Fear Youtube challenge, and it is very simple! Silent Hill Downpour release is getting closer and closer, and many of you might be really excited with it, so, Inner Fear challenges you to record your very first experience playing Downpour! Grab your camera (any thing that records video) and show to the world how it was your first time with the 8th Silent Hill game.

There are no restrictions, just be sure that the video has, at least 1 minute and max 3.
As it is obvious, this challenge only starts after Downpour release (March 13) so prepare yourselves!

Submitting your videos:
The way to submit your video is very easy, you just have to send an e-mail to with a folder containing the file. If the file is too big, submit it through “WeTransfer” – Be sure that you send it to the mail above. Also, in the e-mail or in the Wetransfer optional message, please include your name, so it will have a identity.

As I refered previously, you can only start submitting your video once Silent Hill Downpour is released, which means that it starts on March 13th, however we must remember that Europe has a different release date, which will take place on March 29. Therefore, I decided to extend the deadline to April 5th, so it will give more time to European players to submit their videos, aswell as the ones who aren’t buying Downpour in the release day. So: March 13 – April 5

This is not a contest:
Be aware that this is not a contest, not yet. The main goal of this project is to improve the connection between the community and represent the fact that Inner Fear is also (specially) made by its followers. So I’ll be selecting some of the videos submited and I’ll post them in Inner Fear’s official Youtube channel so it will be available to the whole world through this blog.

In case you have suggestions, opinions our doubts feel free to e-mail me:


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