Spoiler Alert: Silent Hill Downpour Strategy Guide

The content ahead contains heavy spoilers about Silent Hill Downpour, read at your own risk!

by Jam6i » Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:56 am

Yes, I got the Gameguide. I’ll go ahead and post some not super spoilerific information now. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to provide any plot spoIlers because the guide really has little to no actual info on the plot. It mostly consists of “do this , go here,” etc etc.

Anyway, I’ll still put in spoilertags for some things. But remember don’t blame me for yo looking here. You probably hate yourself!

  • Main Locations according to the guide:

-Ryall State Prison
-Devil’s Pitstop
-Devil’s Pit
-Pearl Creek
-Centennial Building
-Chastain Heights
-St Maria’s Monastery
-Pleasant River
-Port District
-Overlook Penitentiary

The Endings:
There are four main endings and two secret endings. The two main endings are divided into a “good” category and a “bad” category. Think good, good+, bad, bad+. You get them, of course, based on how you act in the game. One secret ending is triggered if

  • You die in the finale

and the second secret ending is achieved by

  • Digging up secret artifacts spread around the town on a subsequent play through.

The official list of enemies is:

-Weeping Bat
-Doll/Shadow (the doll moves slow, but apparently has the ability to split off into fast moving shadows!)
-Prisoner Minion Brawler (melee fighter)
-Prisoner Minion Stabber (can stab you)
-Prisoner Juggernaut
-Wall Corpse (enemies that protrude from halo of the sun symbols)









And here’s a super spoiler about the famed “hammer brother” guy we all have seen in the vids. His official name is (and this may anger some people)

  • Bogeyman

Here is a SUPER COOL AWESOME NEAT JUST PLAIN FANTASTIC location cameo from a previous game!!!!

  • apparently in the Pearl Creek area, you can enter an apartment building . Who’s apartment is it???? Henry townshend!!!! You get to explore Henry’s apartment from SH4 and it looks exactly the same! The chains on the door, Henry’s shoes by the door, the kitchen chairs. Whether or not well be able to explore the exterior of S Ashfield Heights, I don’t know. I hope that Downpour doesn’t create conflicting circumstances with SH4.




Curiously, our resident postmaster doesn’t even make one appearance in the guide. It’s strange.

There aren’t any character bios.

I wish I could upload scans now, but I’m sure someone else will grab a copy and put some up.
You begin the game in Ryall, and are required to beat an unarmed fellow inmate named Napier in the prison showers, then follow guards out to the prisoner transport. It’s a bizarre way to begin a silent hill game, you are COMPLETELY in the normal world, relatively speaking.

There’s also a NPC called Homer who controls the underground tunnel system found in the main portio of the game. In order to unlock parts of the tunnels to gain secondary access to other sections you have to find several objects for him scattered around town.

At least twice in the game you will have to fight against the “hammer” boss.

One really cool section in the movie theater has you ENTERING film scenes and exploring them. Think the Artaud theater segment from Origins. It seems really cool.

I’m confused about canonity of Homecoming, because the island on the map IS Overlook Penitentiary. How is it there AND in old Silent Hill? Downpour is sure to cause some canon issues with the Overlook.

It seems that well over half of the game consists of optional side quests. Judging from the guide alone, one could probably breeze through the main plot/locations in 4-5 hours. Hopefully I’m wrong, but there are still a total of 14 side quests. Most of them appear to be “fetch” type side quests. Some are pretty cool. Most span the walking distance of the entire downtown area. Lot of backtracking. A LOT.

There are (according to this guide , remember there may be more) 2 instances in the game where you have the ability to choose your action: you can either rescue or let Cunningham fall in the ravine, and you can either taunt or console JP at the Devil’s Pit.

Funny: wall corpses can be mobile. Near the end of the game, they can be found rolling on wheels. Imagine the halo of the sun…attacking you on wheels.

Ending titles:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Truth and Justice
  3.  Full Circle
  4. Execution
  5. Surprise!
Interestingly, the achievement title for defeating the final boss is:

  • defeat the bogeyman: “broken cycle”

Finally, there are 10 “Silent Hill Artifacts”

  • Child’s Kite
  • Canvas SackToy Van
  • Radio
  • Alien Toy
  • Hyper Blaster
  • UFO
  • Circle Emblem
  • Robbie
  • Aglaophotis

Also, none of the maps include areas from previous titles we would recognize ( that is, unless you consider the cameo location’s implications)

Also, you know how each game has like 4 main locations ( or levels) that the game could be divided into?

1 had: midwich, alchemilla, sewers/resort town, amusement park
2 had: woodside/blue creek, Brookhaven, historical society/Toluca prison, lakeview
3 had: shopping mall, office buildings, Brookhaven, lakeside/church

Well anyway it seems the four “main” locations in the game are
1.) Devils pit
2.) centennial building (public records/office/ town hall type 3 floor building )
3.) St Maria’s Monastery
4.) overlook penitentiary

Downtown Main Area Maps:
South Portion (contains Hillside, Pearl creek, Chastain Heights, and Pleasant River):
North Portion (contains Port District):

Closeup of “Hillside” area (contains Police Station)

 Closeup of “Pearl creek” area (where you can find Henry’s apt, Centennial building)

Closeup of “Chastain Heights” area (which includes St Mary’s Monastery, movie theater):
Closeup of “Pleasant River” area:
ImageCloesup of “Port District” area:

All the other segments of the game seemingly “connect” these four main “levels”

There ARE images in the map of where the apartment is. Whether or not it’s the full Ashfield Heights or just a strange cameo of Henry’s apartment in a random place, I don’t know.

However, the street layout and positioning of where the apartment is DOES match the street layout you could see when looking out the window in SH4, with the intersection.

The guide refers to Henry’s apartment as the “Secure Apartment”, and you access it by using a hook to pull down the fire escape ladder, and climbing through the living room window. It’s possible the building across the street IS the “building” level from 4.

If, on the off chance, the map IS of Ashfield (the Gameguide doesn’t say what the town is called…it could be anything), and the apartment IS Ashfield heights, then according to the guide the street outside Henry’s window is called “Lansdale Avenue”.


Now, they were taken from my iphone 3gs, so it’s not the “best” quality, but still…

I figure I can start with this lovely image of the prison inmate you are required to beat up when the game starts:


Final Boss Images:


Actually there is ONE final segment in the game AFTER the boss called “Finale” and i believe it to contain some extremely plot spoilerish information based on the images, so I won’t post it.

However i can tell you that THAT boss above is NOT the end of the game. There is one more smaller fight….

I wont tell anyone, because i have a feeling it may divide the fanbase ever so slightly.

I leave with this screamer who clearly has gastrointestinal complications, hence the grimace:
Sources: Hell Descent Password: ihatemyself
Silent Haven 
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 768)