Historical Society #1

Welcome to Inner Fear’s Historical Society, a place specially dedicated to Silent Hill fan art. Do you like to draw, do you have Silent Hill-related works you’d like to show to the world? geral.innerfears@hotmail.com is the e-mail adress you should send your art to! I’ll be expecting your entries!

This is the first official Inner Fear Historical Society and I must say that I’m impressed with the skills of the fans who submitted their work this week. Inspiration didn’t fail and what we can see are great representations of Silent Hill through different artistic methods.
It’s great to see the entries and share with other people their Silent Hill passion, expressing through art.

Get ready:


With Silent Hill HD Collection being released next tuesday, Mike Arnold’s (from Silent Haven – another great Silent Hill site that you must follow!) work came just in time! Here you can see a beautifull representation of Maria (Silent Hill 2) from the HD Collection cover art. This paiting is identical to the original version and features great skills that makes it even more expressive.


This impressive work, made by Jason (from Silent Evil) is a “a depiction of the character James Sunderland from SILENT HILL 2, seen here as a SH4 style ghost. ”

“This was originally a graphic on the front of a T-Shirt that I believe was either sold or given away at a Konami Gamers’ Day event in 2004 to promote SH4. I was lucky enough to acquire one of these (insanely)rare tees, and basically reproduced the design on paper with a black Sharpie pen. The shirt is so valuable that I wish not to damage it by wearing it, but I’d still like to wear something with that design. So I’ve uploaded it to Zazzle and printed out a couple tees with the design. Unfortunately, they took it down from the store listings citing copyright nonsense and I’m unable to make any more.”

3(Randomly picked)

In order to celebrate Silent Hill Downpour release, I had to include a work based on this 8th game of the series. This fan art was made by Obsceneblue – Check out his DeviantArt for more works!

4 (Personal works)

Finally, I’ll end this first “Historical Society” by sharing some of my Silent Hill inspired works as well. This 4th is one of the promo I drawed, a couple of years ago, for a Silent Hill fan comic book called “Otherworld” A.K.A “Silent Hill Abduction”.


This is the 2nd page of “Otherworld” comic book I’ve been working on years ago. Credits go to Manuel Carneiro (me) – You can also check the 1st page HERE


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