Tomm Hulett on the new Silent Hill HD Collection voices

Tomm Hulett talks about the new HD Collection voice cast:

My primary responsibility on the project was handling the voice recording.  It was really fun–kind of a blast to my past at Atlus, doing game localization.  We got the best talent around – including actors you’d hear in Catherine, Arkham City, Bioshock, etc.  Many of them were already fans of the games, and knew the characters well already.  One standout performance is Angela.  Nothing against Donna Burke (she’s fine as Claudia in SH3), but hiding her accent really hurt the Angela performance.  The new actress really brings out Angela’s pain and instability–a character you want to help, but whose inner darkness is repelling at the same time.

There’s been a lot of fan griping about my choice to cast Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Mary/Maria.  However I felt this was perfect casting for a number of reasons.  One, the first time I saw that Konami E3 trailer for SH3 with her vocal performance, I mistakenly assumed it was meant to be Maria singing the song (at Heaven’s Night?).  Most people will agree she’s a good fit for Maria, it’s the dual role of Mary where the SH faithful start questioning it.  Here’s the thing.  First, James remarks that Maria’s voice is identical to Mary’s – so having a varied performance between the two doesn’t fit.  Second, every single time we hear Mary (other than the video in the hotel during their vacation) she is at the tail end of her illness.  She’s basically on her death bed.  You don’t sound light and airy on your death bed – you sound heavy, weary, and tired.  By the character’s own admission, she wasn’t a fragile, broken leaf at that moment–she was angry, lashing out at everybody.  I felt Mary E’s performance could bring this out, rather than sticking to a lighter, more gentle Mary.

But now you can hear and judge for yourself!  Hopefully you find HD Collection to be a faithful remastering that cements all the things that made SH2 and SH3 great a decade ago.


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