Silent Hill HD Collection review by Elisa Fortes

Silent Hill HD Collection, along side with Downpour, was released last week in Europe and Elisa Fortes, from Spain,  decided to write a review showing her thoughts about the game, thoughts that many of us might share (unfortunately)!

Hello, please have in mind this is made with a gameplay of about 10 minutes only. I couldn’t play anylonger. My version is EU Spain.

I feel I’m being laughed at. After several months of delays, finally SH HD came out in Europe. Yesterday I bought it and tomorrow I am taking it back to the store. That is how much I liked it.
In all my life I’ve only taken ONE game back to the store and it was because it destroyed my hard drive. Now this game destroys my heart. I know it’s corny but that’s how it is.

This HD Collection is a fucking joke. First I played SH2, no more than 10 minutes.
The detail is amazing but everything looks really dull. The streets seem clean, too. And James does this weird robotic breathe when he’s tired from running.
I thought, I had to give it a chance. So I walked down the path to the lake and the fog was nice. I was like, well the fog does look better than in the American version so… I decided to record it to show it around when I encountered a serious bug:

I immediately turned the system off.
Next day (today) I decided to try out SH3. Right from the title screen, I got really upset.

The translation made in the game is fucking awful, even with ortographic mistakes. (“Opciones” doesn’t have an accent). Talking about which, the brightness screen talks about “horizontal lines” when there are “vertical” ones.

So back to SH3, I am really alarmed at all the saw edges, overall at the shadows. The subtitles seem to match in time what they talk, but the translation is off and I am not given the option to choose English subs.
The first part, which happens in the Otherworld of the amusement park, is annoying to hell and back. The noise that Heather makes when walking is extremely bothersome and fake, and there’s a total absence of fog. Moreover there are parts with very detailed texture, but other ones with an awfully blurry definition.
Of course, the rust of the floor is gone, too. The worst part comes when you encounter monsters; then the game starts slooooowering down like there’s no tomorrow, Heather seems to be walking in water.
I can’t take it. I’ve sent complaints to Konami and Silent Hill though I know they will be unheard. The failures are so big that I don’t think any patch could fix them.
Tomorrow I’m gonna get SH Downpour and hopefully it won’t be this broken. And I don’t know if I could claim my money back, but I will try anyway. Or at least get a coupon for Downpour.

Konami, please stop laughing at your users.

Article written by Elisa Fortes


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