Silent Hill HD Collection review by Cameron Rogers

Inner Fear recieved another Silent Hill HD Collection review, this time written by Cameron Rogers. Check out his opinion about the collection that gathers Silent Hill 2 and 3 together in one disc, featuring remastered audio and graphics alongside with new voices!
The graphics in SH2 are a little better then the original versions, but not much. And the graphics in SH3 changed only a little. But still, its got some great graphics for its time, and its still a classic. However, the several bugs and glitches cause very many problems in the graphics, and in SH2, the fog is to the point you can see things you should not, such as the edge of the map.
SCORE: 3/10
The sounds were slightly redone in the collection in both games, like item pickup sounds,gunshots, and all voices. In SH2 you can use the original or new acting for voices, but in SH3 you must use the voice acting thats been redone. The new acting in SH2 is actually ok, but the new acting in SH3 is terribly done actually, several actors mix up lines such as claudia says something she should not, lol, and the emotion in acting is like reading a book to 1st graders…
SCORE: 5/10
Both games in the collection have a different plot, but both are amazing. Read the plot above for more info.
SCORE: 10/10
Both games suffer from several horrifying bugs, that truly call this game a HORRORible game.
Final Score: 4/10   FFinal Notes: I was gonna get Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, but i seen it got panned so i picked this up instead, not a good idea. At first,i had no issues, but later on it got so buggy with time, and its just not scary with the glitches, crappy sounds, etc. My recommendation? Dont buy a konami brand game ever again. Several of us fans are so angry right now, and dont get me started on the forum riots about this. Konami has released a patch and guess what? It did not work at all actually. Some problems.


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