Troy Baker won’t be the special guest in Love Psalm

I recently posted that Troy Baker would be the Love Psalm special guest that Tomm Hulett refered in SHC, however it seems that I was wrong, Troy Baker, the new voice actor for James Sunderland, won’t make part of Love Psalm, so who’s the mysterious guest? Any suggestions?

The special guest is not Troy Baker
– Tomm Hulett-

The special guest is not Troy Baker, and I’m glad that he isn’t the one, not that I don’t like him as a singer, but I was expecting only Mary Elizabeth, so I guess that I’m afraid to be disappointed. Still, if he was the special guest, that would be okay, I actually enjoyed the Shadows of the Damned theme, just not sure if that would fit Silent Hill, because, from what I was able to see in the live performances, Mary’s and Troy’s voices didn’t  fit at all – that’s my opinion.

Well, many people also refere the well known Joe Romersa, will he make his return to the series sharing the vocals with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn? That could be possible and personally I’d like that to happen, his tracks from previous games are very nice, as well as the lyrics he wrote to the songs by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The 30 seconds preview of the song sounded great, not only because it’s an adaptation of my favourite music in the series but also because it brings back Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, someone I’ve missed alot in Downpour soundtrack. Glad that Book of Memories will have at least two songs with her, Love Psalm and Now We’re free, that also looks amazing – however I’d highlight the first one, no doubt about it!

What do you think about the soundtrack? In you’re opinion who’s the special guest.

Source: Silent Hill Community


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