Silent Hill Revelation 3D with release date [finally] confirmed!

April is being a great month for Silent Hill franchise, not only because of the release of Silent Hill Book of Memories soundtrack, alongside with the re-release of slightly different Silent Hill Homecoming and Shattered Memories’ soundtracks both by Milan Records as well, but also because of the official confirmation of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D release date!

After a long period of silence, we finally had the release date for the 2nd Silent Hill movie that follows the events of the 1st one, being, therefore, inspired on Silent Hill 3 – the adveture of Heather Mason, Harry’s adopted daughter, through the town of Silent Hill as she discovers the real truth behind her existence. The film is being release in October 26th and it’s Lionsgate who’ll be handling international sales.

So all this news might mean that it’s just a matter of days until a official trailer or other kind of promotional stuff are FINALLY released. Personally I’m really looking forward for this film, as I’ve been waiting for this sequel for over 6 years (just like everyone else, of course). I really wish the best for this movie, and hope that more sequels will come to expand the Silent Hill universe in cinema.


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