Revealed Silent Hill Book of Memories’ European boxart

The european version of Silent Hill Book of Memories’ boxart seems to be pretty different from what we’ve seen in the American one. Despide of being pretty different, when talking about the design and concept, I personally find  them interesting.

Both designs feature an open book, making a direct reference to its title “Book of Memories”, however, while the US version has two weird black hands coming out from the pages, Europe decides to make a different aproach, featuring a boy, I’d say, very concentrated writing in a book in a desk that it’s actually on top of another book, this time much bigger that is open showing some mysterious elements shining – The Book of Memories.

Ah well, enough of  Interpretation, Silent Hill Book of Memories doesn’t have an official date yet, it’s just known that it will be released Spring 2012… In the meanwhile, its soundtrack, composed by Daniel Licht, is already for sale on, make sure you purchase  it, sounds wonderfull and contains two songs featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on vocals!


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