Silent Hill: Revelation goes to Comic Con 2012 [Lots of news!]

Silent Hill: Revelation went to San Diego’s Comic Con 2012, and faces like Michael J. Bassett, Adelaide Clemens and Samuel Hadida, made part of the panel at Hall H! The event started with two clips featuring the very first film footage. One showing Heather(Adelaide) and Vincent (Kit) being attacked by the well known Nurses that make their return in this sequel of the first movie.

Ready to get inside…?

The other clip featured a new monster:

The first clip we saw involved a weird mannequin spider creature, with a half doen mannequin heads attached to limbs. Or maybe stalks. Heather (Adelaide Clemens) comes and finds a woman trapped in a gooey spider web. She cuts the woman free, and the woman says she got lost in the Fog. And then the spider comes, with its weird staring mannequin faces. And there’s a mannequin on a table, and the spider crawls on top of it, and pulls the head off the mannequin and pulls it up and attaches it to another stalk — and then the freshly removed mannequin head opens its eyes in shock. The spider chases after Heather and the other woman, through a warehouse-like maze.

The event continued with Q&A with the panel. Adelaide, Michael and Samuel answered some questions from fans in the audience

Michael explained that he’s a big fan of using actors and puppetry whenever possible, and that, “The mannequin monster was one of the most frightening to be around.” Moving towards a general overview of the movie, he said that it is a sequel, obviously, to the first movie, as well as an adaptation of the third game. He quickly added that even newcomers to both the game and the movie won’t feel lost as the story works as it’s own standalone movie as well.

 He went on to profess a love for the series, saying that he was originally only really was a PC gamer, but eventually became familiar with the series when he later played them on consoles. He reassured fans that the unique mythology and psychology of the franchise would be present in the movie for fans of the series, Samuel chimed in that there were many Easter Eggs in the film, though you will have to be looking all over the foreground and background carefully to find them all.

Next, the conversation turned to Adelaide, who was asked what was the scariest thing on set to her personally. To which she replied, “The psychological side of Heather Mason… and shooting a gun in an abandoned parking lot in Toronto,” to the laughter of the audience. As to her getting into character, she mentioned that she would scream out loud before every shot to get her at the proper psychological level before filming, much to the chagrin of Michael and the rest of the crew. Samuel teased there might be a ‘scream reel’ on the DVD of the film for every pre-scene scream Adelaide made.

 Adelaide was then asked if she had played the games to prepare. Initially, she wasn’t very familiar with the character but knew about the game. It was the character of Heather, after initially reading the script, that interested her at first. When she revealed to her brothers that she would be portraying Heather in the second movie, they were in awe and quickly had her running through the game to get acquainted with the character.

But how does an initial unfamiliarity with the game impact her performance as Heather? Michael commented that Adelaide treated the role like, “a proper character. A real person with real issues. Not just an adaptation of a video game, but something with more sophistication and character.”

 Speaking to his own credibility, Michael wanted to reassure skeptical fans that, “I’m a fan first. I’m trying to make it pure. We didn’t just do this in isolation, we talked to Konami to make it right.” At this point, the lights dimmed for one final time to reveal one final surprise…

Sources: [Konami] / [Silent Hill: Revelation  Facebook Fan Page]


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