For those who don’t know, I’m studing filmmaking, and I’d like to share with you my first work as director.
This works isn’t supposed to be a short-film, instead it’s suposed to be a sequence/scene, like we’ve taken it from a movie. What you can see in this exercise is an adaptation of the script I’ve written sometime ago, it’s called “confinado”, the portuguese work for “confined”, it’s clear that one of my influences was the Silent Hill universe, as it matches very well my concept.
I’ve taken the awesome work of Akira to make part of my soundtrack, including all the credits in the final credits.


After going to jail for killing his wife, Vicent, confined between 4 walls for months, starts having weird nightmares that will transport him to different dimensions of his own reality, always seeking the ultimate penance for his acts. However, the more he’s swallowed into his own nightmares, the more he’ll become lost in his mind, turning the reality questionable.

So the scene I’ve done (based on the limitations imposed – 1 to 3 minutes and no dialogues at all) shows how Vicent and his wife are kept in different dimensions of their own realities. His wife is traped in some kind of purgatory as Vincent keeps her alive on his own mind. They are in the same physical space but in different worlds, however they aren’t independent of each other.

Hope you enjoy it


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