Silent Hill: Revelation rated R

The Motion Picture Association of America has rated the upcoming Silent Hill movie as R for “violence and disturbing images, some language and brief nudity”.

I wonder what they mean by “brief nudity”, probably making reference to some creatures, such as the “Sexy Nurses” that made their way to this second movie. I really hope that this rate is right and we are able to see some nice, creepy and “disturbing” stuff, like it happened in the games. Silent Hill = Disturbing!

I hope for the best of this sequel, however there are some things that worried me, specially after seeing the trailer. In some part it didn’t give me the feeling of the games, such as the moment when Heather gets the box which has the “symbol” AKA Halo of the Sun on it. The seal of Metraton shinning… The weird look of “Dark Alessa”… these were some of the things that, in my opinion, weren’t right… giving the whole thing a “fantastic” look. However I also must point the stuff I liked the most, such as the fact that Heather seems to fight, just like in the game, that flashlight and gun on her hands matched so well what we could expect from the protagonist! The otherworld transiction also looks great, the moment when Heather and Vicent see it coming through the walls was amazing, and captures pretty well the mood of the games, not being stucked on the 1st movie’s otherworld. I’m also really looking forward to see more of Douglas’ role on the movie, as he matches perfectly the original character from the game!

Anyway, I still have high hopes, I’m sure Michael J. Bassett did a good job!

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D hits the bigscreen this Halloween!


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