Richardg234 rants about the Silent Hill fandom

Lately there have been alot of controversy around the latest Twin Perfect’s videos and how the Silent Hill fandom behaves, always tending to create sides inside the fandom itself. Those who have different opinions and defend them like it was a life or death situation. I got my convictions and I have no problem on making them clear to whoever wants to hear them, however respect is something EXTREMMELY important between everyone, not only in this case but in everything in our lifes. What’s the point of taking parts in a war between points of view? Shouldn’t it be much better if we could stop for a second and give a chance to everyone else who has a different vision on the things? I fu**ing love to hear new theories, new ideas, new opinions.

You know what? My favourite Silent Hill game is 4 The Room and I pretty liked Homecoming…

Well, Richardg234 recently posted a video where he talks about this same situation and what is happening to the Silent Hill fandom. Listen to it and try to take some ideas from there, “we” really should start acting a bit differently, as we all have something in common – we love Silent Hill


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