Off topic – “Nevermind”

Remain calm and “Nevermind”…  a indie psychological horror game that will help you to overcome your fears. You just need to remain calm!

This is not Silent Hill related, however I had to share this new project with you. I’ve seen it at Rely On Horror, and I found the permise of this game very interesting and innovative. So far as I understood, you play as a doctor on a medical clinic and you have in hands cases of patients with psychological problems that broke with their normal life. Therefore you’ll have to go through their traumatic memories in order to figure out which is the origin of the problem. Players will have to face those same episodes and remain calm to the adverse stimuli because your reactions have immediate effects on the gameplay and how the game it self goes – if you get stressed the game will become harder and harder to play, while if you remain calm, things will become very simple, and they will be kept simple if you keep yourself calm when facing scary moments. This way you learn to control yourself and your fears, which is very usefull to your normal life experiences.

Check out some videos of gameplay:

Nevermind Developer Video: What is Nevermind? from Erin Reynolds on Vimeo.

Source:[Rely On Horror]


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