Help Brandon Delacruz

It’s beautifull how some people have so much strength to face adversities on their lifes. This is the case of Brandon Delacruz, who suffers from “Cystic Fibrosis, an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.” I cannot imagine how hard the life of this young man was hard but it’s known that “through playing Silent Hill 2 he has been inspired to not only be a better person but has also given him solace during his frequent hospital stays.”

He first knew Brandon thanks to Silent Hill: Historical Society and its“Descent into the Otherworld- A Spotlight On The Silent Hill fandom”. The story of this young man marked us since that day, so his recent communication turned to be very sad and shocking. (Read it here)

I wasn’t quite sure how to say it and when to say it, but I figure now is a good time to say it. In mid-July my doctor told me I have 6 months to a year left to live. So I’ve been trying to do all of the fun or important things I want to do in my life. So as soon as my wife and I are settled into an afforded duplex/apartment anyone who wishes to see me in case I pass should come visit me. We could catch up with each other and meet my beautiful wife.

From Brandon’s facebook on 10/6/2012 –

Monica Taylor Horgan ( Original Voice actress for Mary/Maria from Silent Hill 2) has already started working on a way to help this awesome Silent Hill fan, Brandon Delacruz.

Visit Brandons letter blog, and keep supporting this strong guy!

Sources: [Silent Hill Historical Society] [Brandons Letter] [Monica Taylor Horgan’s facebook]


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