Silent Hill 4: The Room available on PSN

It seems that Silent Hill 4: The Room will make its way to Playstation Network, as it was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Actually,i it is already available on Japan for 1200 Yen and It’s known that “The Room” will take take 3899 MB on the hard disk drive of the Playstation 3 Console.

As for other regions, it is still unknown if this game will be available outside Japan, so there’s still the chance that other countries will get this awesome game. Just sad that Xbox Live didn’t get this game as well, at least I hope it happens in a near future!


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  1. Jose Garrido says:

    expect the Japanese version at least has subtitles in English, Spanish

  2. As for the Xbox receiving this game, I don´t think that will ever happen. And I´m sure the game will be released outside of Japan ! Maybe when the new movie comes out, to ride on its wave. It will come to us i bet ! It was a good game, just not as good as the classics ( 1 and 2 ).

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