Welcome To Silent Hill on “Kumbuya”




So I’ve been introduced to Kumbuya, a big place for everyone to share their interests and ideas through groups or “tribes” that basically discribes those same interests and allow the “leaders” to gather more people with their same interests! There wasn’t a Silent Hill tribe yet, so I decided to create one myself. Make sure you join the tribe, so you can join discussions with other fans that might come! See you there ^^

About Kumbuya:

Kumbuya is a place for people and their passions.


Start a “Tribe” for your blog, community, interest, expertise, or business. Within your Tribe, you can moderate and lead the discussion in an environment that fosters participation, and make money from your efforts in a respectful way.


Form a Tribe that revolves around your blog, community, interest, expertise, or business.


Invite your friends and fans to interact and contribute in new and creative ways.


Encourage your Tribe to share their ideas and goals so you understand them better. Let them shape the conversation.


Your Tribe Members can sell things to each other with your permission – and when they do, we’ll split the revenue with you – make money with your content and community in a respectful way.


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