Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough

Silent HillDp

Hey guys,

I’ve just started a walkthrough of Silent Hill Downpour on my new youtube channel (don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe). Make sure you take a look and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed recording it for you! Spoilers ahead!


6 thoughts on “Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough

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  1. I picked this up last week, but haven’t gotten a chance to play it. I heard mediocre things, but I’m a sucker for any Silent Hill game. I almost bought a Vita just to play the top-down Silent Hill game.

    1. You should try Downpour, while it’s not a perfect game, it still does a very good job as a Silent Hill title. Very nice story, Interesting mood, decent graphics. As for Book Of Memories, I never tried it, and I don’t think I’ll do that, not planning to get Vita for now.

      1. Yeah, I’m definitely going to try Downpour. I’ve played through every Silent Hill so far (excluding Book of Memories) and I plan to keep the tradition going. I just wish a big name producer would come along and rekindle the magic of the first few titles. Have you seen any of the stuff for The Evil Within? It looks like a shining gem in the survival-horror genre.

      2. Yes, I’ve seen some of the footage they shown recently and it looks very interesting. If they grab the project with “both hands”, I’m sure we might have a new survival horror game series, and again, created by Japanese minds. I really hope that it turns to be a good game, the genre is needing some new and fresh blood, just Like Silent Hill back in 1999

      3. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I remember playing the original Resident Evil way back when and it scared the hell out of me and then Silent Hill came out and cranked it to 11. I’m hoping The Evil Within is a much needed shot in the arm for the surivival-horror genre.

  2. I love Silent Hill

    I back home

    My favourite Silent Hill is 4:The Room

    Pero hablando de el Downpour me gusto mucho la historia de Murphy, me dejo muy mal por lo que le paso a su hijo y esto es Silent Hill te lleva a la realidad por lo que has echo, como a James Sunderland y Alex Sheperd me encantaria ir y saber cual es mi destino

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