Welcome to Silent Hill.

Inner Fear was formely ‘We Want ‘Silent Hill HD Collection’ on Xbox 360′ a petition adressed to Konami to release the upcoming HD Collection on Xbox 360 console, as it was confirmed as a Playstation 3 exclusive. Konami heard the fans and confirmed that they were releasing HD Collection on Xbox 360 console as well because of the fans. The sucess of this petition made me think and created Inner Fear, a page directed to all Silent Hill games/movies and a place that fans can use to know every news regarding this same game.

About me…

Foto de perfil 2My name is Manuel Carneiro, Film student from Portugal, and I’m also the creator of “Inner Fear”.

So, everything started with the announcement of Silent Hill HD Collection as a PS3 exclusive, and I, as a Xbox player decided to create a petition online to gather sigantures for the release on the Microsoft console. And WE did it, the petition got a good number of signatures and Silent Hill HD Collection was finally confirmed on Xbox 360! After this, only one thing was left: ”What to do next?”. For the months the petition was online, I kept the ‘community’ aware of all the updates regarding Silent Hill universe, and in a blink of eyes I decided to create a bigger ‘place’ to share experiences, share news all about this fantastic game created by Konami. I called that big place -Inner Fear- (reference to Silent Hill 2).

So Inner Fear was born in August 2011, and I hope that I can keep all of you updated for more and more years! Share experiences and hear your voices, that’s one of the reasons why I’ll use the term ”US” and ”WE” instead of ”ME” and ”I”! Keeping the Silent Hill spirit alive between the releases of the games is the goal of this blog. It’s case to welcome you to your new “Special Place!”

Here you can find the latest news for Silent Hill Universe.
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