FirelordPie‘s “Making That Mistake

“Finally, my first Silent Hill fan work. 
Maria is about to go nuts and show her true demonic self.
Silent Hill 2 is a simply amazing game. Captivating story and characters.”


“Don’t know how many of you already know “Flauros  Geek Photo”, but, if you don’t,you should really take a look at amazing works inspired by many games, where Silent Hill is strongly included!

The photos are really good, they feature some well known items from the games, recreating, very well, the original mood. I’m pretty sure youll recognize most of these things!”

visit Flauros- Geek Photography and crafts  page to see more works!


“This was originally a graphic on the front of a T-Shirt that I believe was either sold or given away at a Konami Gamers’ Day event in 2004 to promote SH4. I was lucky enough to acquire one of these (insanely)rare tees, and basically reproduced the design on paper with a black Sharpie pen. The shirt is so valuable that I wish not to damage it by wearing it, but I’d still like to wear something with that design. So I’ve uploaded it to Zazzle and printed out a couple tees with the design. Unfortunately, they took it down from the store listings citing copyright nonsense and I’m unable to make any more.”


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