Silent Hills – The playable Teaser

No need to say anything… You just need to know that Silent Hill is coming back and Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus are in it. Here’s the teaser for Silent Hills (Yes it seems to be a plural name). In case you own a Playstation 4, make sure you download the P.T (Playable Teaser) so you can experience the full thing and make through this Playable teaser! Keep following Inner Fear’s Facebook for news and updates on the series.


A Soul trying to find its Killer – Murdered Soul Suspect

Square Enix comes up with a plan. The soul of a Police officer comes across your console in order to find out the trace of the man who killed him. The permise is indeed very interesting and the approach even better. Murdered Soul Suspect seems to be a game that will make your heart race for the good reasons, sharing a strong resemblance to games like L.A Noire and… Silent Hill! You should totally take a look at this game.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – L.A. Noire meets Silent Hill in Airtight’s latest

Source: Xbox Official Magazine [TotalXbox]


Anne’s Story


Remember when I’ve posted the first sketches of “Anne’s Story” comic? If you don’t, don’t worry. Here are some new sketches plus final art for the upcoming IDW comic “Silent Hill Downpour : Anne’s Story”. That’s it, the officer Anne Cunnigham will be the protagonist of this side story that will show the events paralel to Murphy’s nightmare in Silent Hill.

The story will be written by Tom Waltz, also know for writing other Silent Hill comics alongside Downpour itself. Art credits goes to Tristan “T-Rex” Jones.

Support – OOBE


“A child wakes up locked in the trunk of a car. The door finally opens and he finds himself completely lost and alone in a giant junkyard, surrounded by memories of the past. The thing is, the more he seeks the exit, the more he finds himself stuck on that realm”

OOBE is a short-film seeking your help, it is a story of hope and life, regarding the journey of a kid, lost in a ominous realm that threats to trap him forever.

Iam one of the directors, and all your contributes are very welcome to make this project possible, as we really want to bring this vision to life, but our budget is limited and a small help will allow us to be another step closer to our main goal which is to create a memorable experience with OOBE.

There are many things that could be said to defend this project. However we think that what guides us to do this film is the enormous will to create a memorable cinematographic experience that can touch the audience in a transcendental way.

This is what OOBE is. It’s more than a film. It’s a story about what’s unknown to us; it’s an original approach to what is inside of each of us, more than a biological way in a spiritual way.

OOBE is a journey that takes us to sensory paraphernalia, but what we want more than everything is to tell the history of Gui. Gui is still searching for an exit from the junkyard. We want Gui to find the exit. We want Gui to emerge, to find it’s way back to the surface and find himself, in whatever way possible.


We are willing to fight for this project! We have the team willing to help Gui to find his way out. We are passionate about what we do and OOBE is the best example of that. Once again, it’s more than a movie or a cinematic experience, it’s a life experience that we want to share!

Help us Helping Gui!



Thank you so much guys

Projects worth sharing

I’ve been pretty busy lately, lots of things to deal with took most of my time, but, when I finally had some time to spare on the internet, I just found out some amazing Silent Hill fan projects which are absolutely worth sharing.

I already knew both of them. Silent Hill: Lost Days, for exemple, has already been featured on the blog. But it’s never enough to share these projects, because they not only keep the spirit of the series alive, but they are also original takes on well known stories and, most important of all, they are results of a work of passion.

Therefore, I will start talking about “A Silent Hill Story: Lost Days”. Since day one, this project always looked pretty cool, the concept was clear: rework the story from Silent Hill 2. We’ve been introduced to the team behind it, indepedent filmmakers that probably want to do what they like, which are films! We’ve also been introduced to alot more than a simple concept, we have been introduced to the actors who were playing the characters we already know so well. I’m talking, of course, about James Sunderland (Starlin Britt ) and Mary/Maria (Lizzy Vincent ) . This is the first point where this project stands out! The cast really seems to fit the characters, in a way it doesn’t look sloppy, and, let’s be honest, most of the fan short films fail by having a bad or “not so good” cast!

This was one of the reasons why I kept following the project and didn’t simly ignored it. It has been a delight to see such attention to detail on this short film, at least by what we’ve seen so far. Every picture they share show something new and really make us curious about what this short film really is. It doesn’t seem to want to copy the original story but, instead, create an original take on what we know from Silent Hill 2.

Of course we’ll just know how good this project is, when we get to see the final result, but, so far, these small teases have been doing an excelent job!

So, it’s time to talk about another Silent Hill fan project, this time by Zenithfilms that brings to us “Silent Hill: Requiem”. If I previously refered anything about “original”, then I was refering this fan short film! This is a completely original take on the events of Silent Hill 2 and 3, mixed all together in a very strange set that bring together great references from the games themselves.

I must say that I didn’t know much about Zenithfilms. I started watching this short version of Silent Hill Requiem without knowing what to actually expect. The look of the film, including the set and characters is obviously quite different from what you might be used to see. It first reminded me of Sin City in the way the monochromatic images work together with the slight use of strong colors to resemble their meanings, such as the red for blood. However, I was quickly able to give this approach, an original taste, when I was finally into the story. I found strange at first, how the characters interacted but, again, I could quickly get used to it, in a way that really pleased me. I was delighted by hearing sounds from the original games, and in the end I was curious, expecting to see MORE!

I believe this was the main goal of this project, make people expect to see more from what it was shown in this short version of Silent Hill: Requiem, so they will contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, helping these guys building something bigger! You should totally take a look at their “indiegogo” page where you’ll also be able to watch their first short version of “Silent Hill: Requiem”!

In the end, this was a great surprise. It’s great to see people giving new life to well know stories. Have you ever imagined James and Heather working together in Silent Hill? If you didn’t, then this must be a nice oportunity for you to find out how it would be!