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The main road to Silent Hill, normal world

I guess I never had the chance to share with you one of the projects I’ve worked on a few years ago. It was probably one of the projects I most enjoyed doing. Some years ago I’ve worked on a Silent Hill RPG on Second Life. In case you don’t know, Second Life is a “3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you.”

The RPG was called “Restless Dreams”, and it took place on the South Vale of Silent Hill, the location from SH2 and 3. The whole area was recreated on the 3D environment, and I had the pleasure to contribute by building some well-known landmarks such as “Heaven’s Night”, “Brookhaven Hospital”, “Pete’s Bowl-O-Rama”, “The Observation Deck”, “The Toluca Prison” and finally, but not least, the “Wood Side Apartments”. This was a huge joy, all these locations were  intended to be exact replicas, so players could build their own stories on  real Silent Hill Town. It was really nice, it had even more landmarks, such as The Curch, Office buildings, Rosewater Park, Jack’s Inn and the Silent Hill Historical Society itself. Everything in one place.

Unfortunately, I no longer have images of the contructions, at least not in the computer I’m using right now. Instead I have the official site of the RPG, which was also designed by me. I’ll try to find new images from the buildings and the whole area, in case you’re interesting in knowing more about it.

Here is the main website, where you can actually see some pictures of the place

Right now, the place doesn’t exist anymore, it was built around 2010


The origin of “Pyramid Head”

Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creature design on Silent Hill 2, has recently shared with us, via twitter, the true origin of the well known Pyramid Head. This emblematic creature was designed based on a picture made by Masahiro Ito himself back in his “art university student days”, 18 years ago.

Here’s the picture:


Ito’s Bubble Head Nurses

Bubble Head

In the past few months, there have been some high detailed sculted statues from some well known creatures from Silent Hill 2. Iam talking, of course, about Pyramid Head and Bubble Head nurses.342306-1

However, after the release of the classic versions of those statues, GECCO is releasing new alternate versions, such as Masahiro Ito’s one, a variant from the conventional Bubble Head with original differences such as ” Crimson thight-high boots” which recreates the classic look of the creature once designed by Ito himself, who wanted to keep her very true to the SH2 Original model face.

“This statue is based on a this box art
and I asked to be very true to the SH2 original model face and to change its thigh-high boots color to crimson.”
(Masahiro Ito via Twitter)

This is certainly, more than anything else, a piece of art worth getting, specially when it was designed by the creative mind behind Silent Hill most terrific creatures. Here’s a gallery with some captions of the statue

By Gecco(ゲッコウ)


Exclusive Masahiro Ito’s explanation about Bubble Head Nurse true meaning


Many theories have been given about the meaning of Bubble Head Nurses. However, Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creatures of Silent Hill 2, comes with a true explanation about some details that not everyone might see in the game while fighting these ominous nurses.

Masahiro Ito shared the following statement with us, via twitter:

Ah…yes, it’s representative of suffocated invalid Mary’s swallen head. The nurse in SH2, she shakes her head like struggling to shake off the covered vinyl. But I don’t mind that player will notice this point or not. Because it’s very difficult to notice. 🙂

(when asked if “Also would it be safe to assume from your tweet, that the nurse is representative of the event when James suffocated Mary?)

The White Hunter by Masahiro Ito

whitehunterMasahiro Ito recently shared his latest artwork of Pyramid Head, he did for a Japanese Silent Hill: Book Of Memories campaign. The figure is “another Pyramid Head” the “White Hunter” seen on Silent Hill Origins OST art.

 My new “Белый охотник” for a statue of Japanese SH:BOM campaign. The three prizewinners are going to get this statue. .(The “Белый охотник” is another PH for JP SH:0 ost.)

The Red Pyramid Thing statue

Here are some images of “Red Pyramid Thing” statue’s box. Designed by Masahiro Ito, well known for making part of Team Silent and by designing some iconic monsters of the series, such as Pyramid Head, who sees his version as a statue you’ll be able to buy before of the end of the year! How awesome is that?

1 Year of Inner Fear

Over a year ago, at the same moment I was knowing, for the first time, that a Silent Hill HD Collection was being produced for Playstation 3 (exclusevly), I’ve decided to do something to bring it to the Xbox 360 console as well! So, the least I could do was to gather some people, with the same idea, to help showing our will to see that future HD Collection on Xbox 360 as well! And so I did, created an online petition, and also created a facebook page to spread the word more quickly, as social networks tend to make some “miracles” now-a-days. In the end Konami announced the release of the game on the microsoft console and our goal had been suceeded! Since “we” had Silent Hill: HD Collection, finally confirmed on Xbox 360, everything was done there, however I decided to keep posting on the facebook page created for the petition (because it already had some members) and I kept posting not only HDC related stuff but also about Silent Hill in general.

This was the moment I decided that it would make sense to create a project without the tag “We Want Silent Hill: HD Collection on Xbox 360!!”, so I started searching for some blog hosters to start more than a facebook page, a site that everyone could visit without the limits of a Social Network.
I found and created Inner Fear, a reference to Silent Hill 2 european version (Inner Fears). Since that day I tried to keep every follower updated with all the Silent Hill news, specially in an important moment for the series, when Silent Hill: HD Collection was being announced, Downpour was being released in some months before the delays and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, another title announced.

To mark this last year, here’s a list of the TOP 13 Silent Hill moments, with respective links to the same content on the blog!

1- Silent Hill HD Collection is finally confirmed to be released on the Xbox 360 console, which leads to the creation of Inner Fear

2- The HD Collection is drowned on controversy as it’s announced that it would get new voices for both Silent Hill 2 and 3.

3- Silent Hill: Revelation 3D keeps getting updates from the Director Michael J. Bassett through his blog. The film was finally in post production and some months later it was completed, however, no release date announced until the date 26, October 2012 was finally revealed.

4-The controversy around the new Voices on the HD Collection gets bigger and bigger as fans refuse to lose the original cast from Silent Hill 2. Monica Taylor Horgan and Guy Cihi take a position and claim their rights, always having the backup of the fans.

5- Silent Hill Downpour gets his TGS trailer featuring Korn’s theme for the game, which created a big controversy as well.

6- Silent Hill Downpour is delayed [again] and Amazon provides 30 sec previews of Daniel Licht’s tracks for the game. The new composer was approved.

7- Konami confirms that Silent Hill 2 will keep original voice cast along side with the new ones by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker on the main roles. However, Silent Hill 3 doesn’t get the same luck and will only have the new voice cast.

8- March 2012 is announced as the “Silent Month” with three releases, Silent Hill: Downpour on 13 March, HD Collection on 20 March, and Book of Memories which had its release date scheduled to the end of the month, however it was delayed to an uncertain date.

9- Silent Hill Downpour gets positive reviews but the HD Collection has been a fiasco.

10- In the meanwhile Silent Hill HD Collection recieves two patches to solve some of the major problems of the game, however, this second patch, the most efective one, was only released on Playstation 3 console.

11 – We finally get a trailer for the upcoming movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D as well as a clip from the movie revealing the well known nurses from the first movie.

12- We keep getting some screenshots for the upcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories, as well as its soundtrack, released before the game itself…

13- It was confirmed that Universal Horror Nights will feature a Silent Hill attraction, which marks the first time Universal picks a videogame to adapt on the event.

For one year, I wrote 191 posts, making a total of 17 pages on the site. Everyday is a good day for getting Silent Hill news, and it is the main goal of this place. However I must also refere other sites that build the Silent Hill community, providing news with quality that influenced the creation of this blog.
Make sure you visit them all, if you haven’t yet!

Alchemilla Hospital
Silent Hill Historical Society
Silent Haven
Silent Hill Memories

As for the future, unfortunately can’t predict it, however I hope that you keep trusting and following Inner Fear.wordpress to get the latest Silent Hill news!

Thank you for this great year!

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