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Sunday Song # 9

Today is sunday, and a new song has been selected… Can you guess who’s singing this week’s song? I’m sure you can’t… Check it out!

Sunday Song

This week’s selected song is…

It’s Sunday Song!

Curious to know the selected song for this Sunday?

Sunday Song #4

Hey everyone, today’s Sunday, therefore it’s time for a good Silent Hill song! This week, the winner is…

Sunday Song

Today is Sunday and here’s the selected song…

Sunday Song returns!

Sunday Song is back and it doesn’t need any presentations! Do you want to know which is the Silent Hill music that we’ve selected for this week?

Inner Fear’s Sunday Song #3

This week we had different requests and I’m must say that all of them were great choices, however only one can be selected and therefore I decided to pick the ”Sunday’s Song” randomly.… Continue reading