Heather Statue – A Closer Look

Mamegyorai have posted  new HQ images of  Heatherstatue from Gecco/Toymunkey Studios, take a look!

FAN ART – Flauros Geek Photo

Don’t know how many of you already know “Flauros  Geek Photo”, but, if you don’t,you should really take a look at amazing works inspired by many games, where Silent Hill is strongly included!… Continue reading


Após centenas de participações, ao longo de um mês, heis que se dá termino ao passatempo “Silent Hill: Revelação”. Seguem-se os cinco vencedores* que irão receber 1 DVD Silent Hill: Revelação! – Ana… Continue reading

The origin of “Pyramid Head”

Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creature design on Silent Hill 2, has recently shared with us, via twitter, the true origin of the well known Pyramid Head. This emblematic creature was… Continue reading

A Revelação aguarda-te!

Continuam abertas as participações para te habilitares a ganhar um dos 5 DVDs Silent Hill: Revelação que a Inner Fear tem para te oferecer! Não deixes passar esta oportunidade, especialmente se és Português… Continue reading

Young Dahlia’s concept Art

Climax shares some more concept materials from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. After showing a bit more of how Dr. Kaufman was designed, it was now time to give the spotlights to the young… Continue reading